[drupal-devel] Database analysis of CivicSpace/Drupal

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Sat Apr 16 03:00:30 UTC 2005

Kieran Lal wrote:
> There are currently 107 database tables in the latest release of 
> CivicSpace. I believe there are 55 in Drupal core.  One of the most 
> important things you can do in improving database performance is to make 
> sure you have the right indicies for your database. Currently we do not 
> use foriegn keys to enforce relationships between database tables.  I 
> did an analysis of the CivicSpace code base and found that there was 156 
> SQL statements with at least one JOIN. We can consider these as 
> application level relationships between tables. Here is a visual 
> representation of those JOINs: 
> http://civicspacelabs.org/home/files/schema.png I also analysed the 
> indicies of the current database schema. There are 182 indicies.

As a partial step to documenting the database schema, I can create an ERD and 
physical data diagram if I can get the list of table joins which imply an 
application level relationship.  I would be interested in doing this for 
Drupal first, and if it's easy enough, I could do CivicSpace, too.

Chris Johnson

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