[drupal-devel] [bug] mysql error when installing drupal

com4 drupal-devel at drupal.org
Tue Apr 19 03:57:51 UTC 2005

Issue status update for http://drupal.org/node/20824

 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      4.6.0
 Component:    database system
 Category:     bug reports
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  com4
 Updated by:   com4
-Status:       active
+Status:       patch


Note types is on the list.

If you continue reading Martin Francis replies "The way around this is
to place backticks (`name`) around the table name and relevant column

So, I guess the fix would be to change the line from types text NOT
NULL to `types` text NOT NULL on line 130 of database.mysql.


Previous comments:

April 19, 2005 - 03:44 : com4

when installing drupal, i get a wierd error.

com4 at antitech:~/drupal$ /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u jason -p jason <
Enter password:
ERROR 1064 at line 120: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check
the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
syntax to use near 'types text NOT NULL
) TYPE=MyISAM' at line 11

com4 at antitech:~/drupal$ /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --version
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql  Ver 14.3 Distrib 4.1.1-alpha, for
intel-linux (i686)

i noticed that if i changed 'types' to 'type' it wouldn't freak out.
that'll obviously break drupal though, so i'm not quite sure what's
going on.

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