[drupal-devel] new CVS accounts

K B kbahey at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 02:45:18 UTC 2005

>> Hello world,
>> I approved a bunch of CVS accounts.  Please welcome our new
>> contributors, and assist them as necessary.
>> (Hopefully they won't screw up this time around. ;))
> Commence fear instillation! <g>

OK newbies, this is frosh week for the new CVS account holders.
Abandon hope all ye enter here!

The catastrophe:

The confession:

The punishment:
(I can't link to the punishment, it was too graphic!)

Another botched up incident:

Seriously, let us learn from what happened and not repeat it. Start
with reading up on CVS as much as you can, and dont do a tag or commit
unless you are sure that what are doing is what you intended.

Welcome on board!

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