[drupal-devel] Archive Module

Jim Riggs drupal-lists at jimandlissa.com
Wed Apr 20 12:38:50 UTC 2005

On 20 Apr, 2005, at 0:38, CodeMonkeyX wrote:

> Ok I uploaded the archive module to CVS.
> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/archive/
> And I have it running on my new Drupal 4.6 site.
> http://www.codemonkeyx.net/
> It seems to be working pretty well at the moment, and seeing as it is
> not a very complex module even the largest problem with it will not
> take too long to fix. :) So please download it and give it a try.

Although I like this module a lot, if it is going to be in contrib,  
it has to behave like a contrib module.  That is, it should not patch  
drupal.css, but use its own css file inside the module's directory.   
And, it should not have a name that conflicts with a core module.   
This will cause a bunch of problems and support issues as (non- 
developer) users stumble across it and try it.  If you want to leave  
it as is (patching core and conflicting with a core module), it  
should stay in your sandbox.

I suggest making it a true contrib module by changing the name of the  
cvs directory/module and accessing the css from the module's  
directory.  This way people can use it until it -- hopefully -- makes  
it into core, replacing archive.

- Jim

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