[drupal-devel] codefilter.module enhancement?

Aran Clary Deltac aran at arandeltac.com
Wed Apr 20 14:43:17 UTC 2005

I just wrote myself a custom module that acts similar to
codefilter.module, except that it can syntax highlight any type of code
(at least any type of code that VIM knows how to highlight).  The module
calls a small perl script in the module's directory to accomplish this.

I was wondering, would it be best to release this as I knew module
(vimfilter.module) or modify codefilter.module?  The addition of the perl
script will make configuration harder for novices (escpecially since they
will need to install a Perl module or two), but it seems to me a very
useful thing to be able to highlight any type of code, not just php.  For
a sample, here's the highlighting in action:


I'll tone the script down so that all someone needs to do is install
Text::VimColor and chmod the script.


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