[drupal-devel] Let's accept more interim solutions

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu Apr 21 13:28:11 UTC 2005

A big -1 from me. Drupals core must be small, clean and most of all very 
I beleive Drupal would benefit most from a linux alike idea: kernel and 
distro;s. A kernel (drupal core) is very conservative, vey well maintained 
and very strict in what it accepts. Its up to the distros to add modules, 
themes and pre-configured databases and ship that as their distro. And off 
course a distro could ship with patches applied to its particular core. For 
example a DrupalI18N would be a nice distro.

But to allow "interim" solutions? naah. I think it will bring down our overall 
quality a lot. And it will make our porject a lot harder to maintain, since 
our CVS will be in a constant status of no--really-working. Much more than 


Op maandag 18 april 2005 20:43, schreef Nedjo Rogers:
> I'm thinking we should give more room in Drupal to accepting and applying
> "interim" solutions: contributions that are clear improvements without
> necessarily addressing every conceivable objection.
> The high threshold we set for accepting changes has definite benefits--it
> keeps the code clean and functional.  Yet, if the bar is too high, it also
> has significant costs.  It discourages developers and wastes development
> time and expertise on repeated updating.  And, equally importantly, it
> leaves problems unaddressed.
> I feel we need to give more weight to the question: what are the costs of
> doing nothing?  Often, these are significant enough to justify implementing
> a partial or interim solution.
> Many problems don't lend themselves to full and immediate solution. 
> Rather, building a solution is an iterative process.  Applying more 'first
> steps' is a spur to the development process.  It keeps developers engaged
> and builds momentum for fixing remaining details.
> In sum: let's be a bit less conservative, a bit more open to new ideas as
> they come in.  There's nothing sacred about the code base.  It's something
> we collectively build, fixing problems, opening new possibilities (complete
> with their own issues and problems), moving beyond the limitations of the
> inception while staying true to the founding goals and vision.
> Nedjo
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