[drupal-devel] Event changes

Jeff Robbins lists at jjeff.com
Sat Apr 23 02:09:10 UTC 2005

On Apr 22, 2005, at 12:38 PM, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> On 22 Apr 2005, at 11:20, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
>>> Since flexinode is a very usefull and popular module, I don't think 
>>> it
>>> is a problem to depend on it.
>> I think it's a big problem to depend on it. Flexinode is incredibly 
>> complex
>> for what we are trying to do.  Most of the sites we develop don't use 
>> flexinode,
>> and until some form of node caching is in core, I don't believe we 
>> should
>> depend on it for functionality like that.

I can understand if there are caching issues with flexinode, but in 
terms of complexity, I think flexinode is an incredibly easy to use 
module - both simple and powerful.

> I'm skeptic as well.  A dedicated node type sounds a lot easier to 
> work with (but has its limitations).

> How is this going to work in terms of the CCK?  Is there going to be 
> an 'event field' which you can extend node types with?

Perhaps a dedicated node type is an interim solution, but it is VERY 

As an example of what can be done by using flexinode/event: I am 
currently developing a site where the client wants visitors to be able 
to signup for (paid) workshops and classes. I created a flexinode 
content type with fields for things like 'presenter', 'subject', 
'additional info', and whatnot. Then I configured this node-type to 
receive fields from event.module and location.module. We can then use 
the ecommerce "product" tab to add price and inventory management 
(workshop capacity) to this geocoded, date-tagged node! And it shows up 
on the calendar, on the product page, and is searchable by location. 
Very powerful!

Let's be sure that we don't inadvertently limit that with a narrow view 
of what an "event" is.

-Jeff Robbins
  aka jjeff

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