[drupal-devel] Event changes

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Sat Apr 23 18:48:07 UTC 2005

On 23-Apr-05, at 3:48 AM, Moshe Weitzman wrote:

>> Let's be sure that we don't inadvertently limit that with a narrow 
>> view of what an "event" is.
> a dedicated event node type would be an *option* for people who just 
> want to add events to their site in a quick, easy way. noone is 
> talking about precluding other node types from becoming events.

Exactly. It's not a move backward, it's an easy option for basic uses 
*and it still ties into the event API*.

I still maintain that the current event module is actually 
eventapi.module, but I'm not going to worry about naming issues. We'll 
go ahead and build a basic event module plus update.php which should 
ease migration.

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