[drupal-devel] support for meta-robots

Brian Del Vecchio hybernaut at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 14:13:02 UTC 2005

What would be the best approach to setting the 'robots' meta tag for
Drupal pages?

Typically I set "follow,noindex,noarchive" on the front page, and
"follow,index,archive" on individual story pages.  This has been very
successful for me with Google.

I believe that in addition to the front page, certain index pages
generated by various modules should also be treated as
"follow,noindex,noarchive".  Instead of having each of these modules
attempting to set this html head element, is there some systemic
approach that may work better?

I see, for example, that modules use drupal_set_html_head() to add CSS
However, if multiple modules attempted to set the meta/robots header,
there's no arbitration,
and multiple copies would be written into the header.  I'm not sure
what effect that would have.

My guess is that directly setting html headers is the wrong layer of
abstraction for solving this problem.

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