[drupal-devel] DrupalForge?

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Apr 25 08:53:48 UTC 2005

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Dries Buytaert wrote:

> >> demo
> >> site could go to opensourcecms or what was it called. In any case we
> >> should have a prominent link to oscms.
> Note that Drupal's project page on drupal.org has a "demo link" that
> points to the demo at opensourcecms.com.
> In other words, there is a demo, although it might not be very visible.

Now you see how visible it is. ;)

> >> The project.module isn't bad at doing what it was designed for. Quite
> >> the contrary. Buit since Drupal grows at a rather steep rate we need
> >> to
> >> improve it.
> The project module has been making progress, and still is.  The past
> three months I added (i) CVS integration, (ii) compilation of a per
> project developer lists and (iii) automated code reviews/reports.

While I think that all three improvements are interesting and usefull
additions (i especially like iii) they IMHO didn't address immediate

> Furthermore, we have nedjo's patch waiting to be tested and it looks
> like Steven and Ber began investigating some of the imminent usability
> issues.  At the same time, we encourage people to make the project
> module more generic.

Ah, is this the official position now? Good to know.

> >>> What is more of a motivation - saying that we're using something of
> >>> inferior quality and hoping that the pain of using it will encourage
> >>> developers to meet the challenge?
> I can't speak for others but I'd rather spend my time improving the
> project module than writing conversion scripts or maintaining a
> separate project site.

Goes without question.

> stupid, but if I wasn't convinced I/we could make a better a product
> than PHP-Nuke, ThatWare, Scoop or Slash,  we wouldn't be working on
> Drupal to begin with.  Sometimes it takes some persistence.

Yeah. How about my revisions patch? Apply it. Right Now(tm).

> >> - Would it make sense to use actions/workflow.module for it?
> >> - Why does it need to have its own comment stuff?
> >>   Probably in order to have the extended form that we use.
> >>   This could be a reason to apply the commentapi patch to Drupal and
> >> go
> >>   from there to removing the extra comment handling in project module.
> >> - Remove hardcoded status codes.
> >> - Introduce better mailed issues. Issues should be mailed similar to
> >>   how mailman mails digests.
> Great start! :-)

I am glad you like the ideas, but could you indicate which you _really_
like? I created feature requests for the ones that aren't there yet.



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