[drupal-devel] CCK: Looking for Volunteers

Jonathan Chaffer jchaffer at structureinteractive.com
Mon Apr 25 15:20:29 UTC 2005

The CCK project is well underway.

I'd like to move as rapidly as possible to a point where this project 
can be considered for the core. This means categorizing the to-do list 
into the items that must be done for the system to work, and the items 
that are less vital and can be completed in a later phase. I'll be 
doing this today. As it stands, the system is more or less operational, 
with the caveat that the administration interface is not complete. I've 
been focusing on the user-facing portions of the code instead.

At this point I'd like to issue a call for volunteers. I need people to:
- Install the code on a development system
- Review the architecture and suggest alternative methods, as applicable
- Help me decide what to work on in what order
- Discuss all of this on IRC or e-mail
- Optionally, contribute code
- Optionally, run benchmarks
- Optionally, mock up the administration interface (Chris?)

If you can help with at least the first four, please let me know.

Jonathan Chaffer
Applications Developer, structure:interactive
(616) 364-7423    http://www.structureinteractive.com/

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