[drupal-devel] Database analysis of CivicSpace/Drupal

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Mon Apr 25 22:53:45 UTC 2005

Kieran Lal wrote:

>>> There are currently 107 database tables in the latest release of 
>>> CivicSpace. I believe there are 55 in Drupal core.  One of the most 

>> As a partial step to documenting the database schema, I can create an 
>> ERD and physical data diagram if I can get the list of table joins 
>> which imply an application level relationship.  I would be interested 
>> in doing this for Drupal first, and if it's easy enough, I could do 
>> CivicSpace, too.
> Hi Chris, I am back from vacation.  Any progress?
> Kieran

No progress.  I was out of town on vacation as well.  Am just now catching up 
on mail.

Chris Johnson

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