[drupal-devel] CCK: Looking for Volunteers

Jonathan Chaffer jchaffer at structureinteractive.com
Tue Apr 26 19:50:40 UTC 2005

On Apr 26, 2005, at 2:06 AM, Dries Buytaert wrote:

> Can you setup a site where we can test the current CCK without having 
> to install it?  I could make notes as I explore everything in order to 
> get a fictive task done.  I'm guessing that, with the administration 
> interface not being complete, this might be premature?
> I'm asking because I usually start reviewing the interface. If I start 
> by looking at the code, I end up knowing too much about the changes 
> that the interface and terminology become too obvious.  I will never 
> be able to look at the interface like a new user would.

This is a very good point. The interface is far from ready for 
review... it's just a patchwork there to get things bootstrapped. I 
will set up a test site when there's something to test; right now I'm 
looking for programmer perspectives until someone steps up with UI 

> Looking at the TODO I'd focus on trying to mimic the current node 
> system and not worry about new features (eg. custom node titles, per 
> field permissions, content type duplication, etc).  I would however 
> promote 'Implement basic node types as CCK types'.  For each TODO list 
> item ask yourself: does the current node system this?  If yes, 
> implement it.  If not, don't implement it unless it is a critical 
> component.  I'd like to see a _minimalistic_ CCK.  It is the fastest 
> path to core and is what we have to evaluate in various setups.

The reason "Implement basic node types as CCK types" has a low priority 
is that it has a lot of upgrade path implications. Certainly it is 
already possible to create doppelgängers for most of these node types. 
That line item means deprecating the old ones, which is more 

Well, the truly minimalist version would be a system where one can make 
new story-style node types, but cannot manipulate fields at all. I can 
strip the system down to this pretty easily, and get to a usable UI for 
that. The back end would then be in place for extension to more 
interesting content types. This would hardly scratch the surface of 
what the system will enable, but may have nice ramifications for, say, 
the new event module.

Opinions, anyone? Is it worth my effort to create such a CCK-light for 
intermediate review?

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