[drupal-devel] RFC, Help: Drupal for ambitious Campus-Wide Blogging project

Leonard Lin lhl at usc.edu
Wed Apr 27 02:47:56 UTC 2005

On Apr 26, 2005, at 6:56 PM, Tom Dobes wrote:

>> (should I also post to the forums, or is that redundant?)
> Perhaps... you might get your question heard by a different audience.
> Also, this sort of question typically goes on the drupal-support list,
> but I'm not complaining. :-)

Thanks Tom,

I figured I'd drop a line in devel since, at least from my first cut, 
there looks like there will be some modifications I'll need to make to 
core, and I wanted to get some feedback there (I'll be happy to send 
possibly useful changes upstream after I get around to reading the 
contributor's guide :).

Thanks for the theme info, btw, looking into that now.


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