[drupal-devel] Spam module 2.0, Looking for beta testers

Lists lists at kerneltrap.org
Wed Aug 3 23:18:36 UTC 2005


  I have re-written the spam module, and now have a new
version that is available for anyone willing to beta test.
In re-writing the module, I have also changed the license
from the GPL to the Modified BSD license.  Because of this
licensing change, the module can't (currently) be distributed
from the spam project page [1]. Instead, find it here [2].

   New Features:
   - supports spam expiration (aka auto-deletion of old spam
   - detects the same identical content being posted
   - can display message to users when content is blocked by
   - logging, allows you trace how the spam filter is
     weighing your content 

  Other improvements:
   - major code cleanup, moving redundant code into functions
   - heavily commented
   - uses one database table for tracking all spam content
   - simplified tokenizer
   - numerous major and minor bug fixes
  Left to be done (patches welcome):
   - create upgrade script from old spam module
   - update README.txt and INSTALL.txt
   - port spam_surbl.module
   - update trackback.module patch to support new api

  Many bugs have been fixed in this new version, but as it is
a rewrite it is possible that I've also introduced new bugs.
As for upgrading from the old version, right now your best
bet is to drop your old tables and start over.  The module no
longer attempts to collect generic statistics as they weren't
remotely accurate anyway. 

  Feedback is welcome.  Patches are even more welcome.


[1] http://drupal.org/project/spam
[2] http://kerneltrap.org/jeremy/drupal/spam/

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