[drupal-devel] Drupal Installer? I have done some similar work

NSK nsk3 at wikinerds.org
Thu Aug 4 00:01:54 UTC 2005


How's the Drupal Installer project going? If you haven't started on it you 
could use a small installer I made. It is available from 

Just download the tar gz and look inside the setup directory. The tar gz is 
licensed under GPL2 (no later versions) but for the purposes of merging it 
with Drupal you can consider all the code in the tar gz to be licensed under 
GPL2 and later versions.

Some screenshots are available at http://www.wikinerds.org/download/

If you use it, just add my name somewhere, like a CONTRIBUTORS.txt file and 
the source code.

Basically what the installer does is writing any SQL to a database, without 
code changes. You provide the SQL in ASCII files. It supports database 
prefix, and it can create a MySQL user.

My code is undocumented, but I can answer questions if you have any and you 
wish to use it.


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