[drupal-devel] [bug] comment preview "Required" is easily bypassed

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Mon Aug 8 01:58:26 UTC 2005


Setting "Preview comment" to "Required" does not strictly
require that the comment be previewed first. This is being
abused by spammers to quickly and efficiently post spam

I discovered this after I added a new feature to my new spam
module [1] to auto-blacklist spammer IP addresses, allowing
me to block comment spammers when they preview a comment and
thus preventing them from ever inserting their spam into my
database. I configured my comment module to "require" comment
previews, and yet found that the comments were slipping past
my filter. I finally realized what the spammer is doing is
setting $_POST['op'] to 'Post comment', effectively bypassing
the preview phase.

I'm currently looking for a clean solution to this. At the
moment the only idea I have is to generate a token at the
preview phase, and validate the token at the post phase.
Unfortunately the token would have to be stored in the
databse between the preview and the post, which adds overhead.

Alternatively, I've considered using a time-based hash which
would constantly update depending on the time of day. This
could easily be validated without storing anything in the
database. If too long has gone between the preview and the
post, an additional preview step would be required... The
down side here is that the time-based hash would be
publically available, and thus the spammer could easily
duplicate it in their script. A private key could solve for
that, but increases the complexity as it adds a configuration

I have the feeling I'm missing a simpler, cleaner solution.

I have created a bug report here:


[1] http://www.kerneltrap.org/jeremy/drupal/spam/

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