[drupal-devel] Hosting company for inclusion in http://drupal.org/services/hosting

Phillip Berry phillipberry at blisswebhosting.com
Mon Aug 8 13:24:54 UTC 2005


If possible we would like our company 
Bliss Webhosting to be included on http://drupal.org/services/hosting. 
Obviously we fully support Drupal.

Our url is www.blisswebhosting.com

Could the wording read as follows;

"Bliss Webhosting is an Australian webhosting company that like do do things 

Our custom control-panel "Blisscontrol", specifically allows one-click 
installation and upgrading of Drupal and other popular applications.

Choose between a predefined plan, starting from $14.95AUD p/m or a custom plan 
where after specifying your exact needs will show you an instant monthly 

There is no setup fees and after signing up, accounts are immediately 
configured and enabled."

Could you also link the name "Blisscontrol" to 

Kind Regards
Phillip Berry
Bliss Webhosting

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