[drupal-devel] Split lists?

puregin puregin at puregin.org
Mon Aug 8 19:44:24 UTC 2005

Moshe, I think it's reasonable to have this discussion here,
since the issue affects members of the list
(many of whom likely aren't subscribed to

Boris, your proposal mirrors a discussion we had Saturday at
Portland DrupalCon 2005.    I think it's a good idea.

     Our discussion boiled down to the observation
that people come to drupal.org (and the mailing lists)
from many backgrounds and areas of interest.

     Many (most?) visitors/subscribers finds the site and
the lists noisy, and lacking the information they want
(perhaps only because they can't find it easily)

     Kaliya identified this as an issue of scaling, and I'm
inclined to agree.  What works well for 50 modules
and 10,000 users might well start to break down
for 250 modules and 50,000 users.  Everything
starts to change - the types of users, the types of
issues, and the types of interactions/communication.

     It was proposed (yet again?) to organize drupal.org
into sub-sites supporting distinct users / roles.

     Furthermore, it was felt that having 'project (module?)
centric' view would be helpful.  So perhaps rather than
having a mailing list addressing all issues, one could have a
per-project/per-module subscription.


On 8 Aug 2005, at 12:00 PM, Moshe Weitzman wrote:

> and definately don't debate the mailing list configurations on 
> drupal-devel. we have drupal-infrastructure for this.
>> Boris Mann <borismann at gmail.com> writes:
>>  % We talked about setting up a drupal-consultants list because 
>> people   % that *don't* code but *do* configure/maintain/administer a 
>> lot of   % Drupal sites were hesitant to post here. Could 
>> drupal-devel be this   % list?
>>  No, let's keep drupal-devel for development discussions
>>  Create a new list for drupal-issues for debugging of issues
>>  and create a new list drupal-consult or drupal-var
>>  for discussions of what it takes to install drupal for a client and 
>> the
>>  places this does not work well.
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