[drupal-devel] More profiling code - the server this time

Mike Gifford mike at openconcept.ca
Thu Aug 11 15:55:19 UTC 2005

Hi John,

John VanDyk <jvandyk at iastate.edu> wrote:
> Mike, I am very interested in having a benchmarking suite for Drupal.
> I'd like to get metrics to see how various code changes affect
> performance characteristics.

Like the idea of a benchmarking suite.  The code I posted would only  
look at benchmarking the servers though.  The server code could sit  
nicely as a stand alone module I think.

However, the module memory profiling code I sent to the list earlier  
would certainly be part of the benchmarking module I would think.   
You'd also want to have ways to patch in the profiling code into key  
places in the core code...

Again you'd want to extend that to look at timing issues, so the  
script timing class I suggested might also come in handy (unless  
there is a standard drupal way to measure execution time).

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