[drupal-devel] spam module v2.0

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Sat Aug 13 19:28:57 UTC 2005


  The rewrite of the spam module is out of beta testing, and
ready for widespread use.  An upgrade script is now
available.  Thank you to everyone that provided feedback
during the development phase.  The current release is version
2.0.6, which works with both Drupal 4.5 and Drupal 4.6.


  If you are using the older spam module hosted at
drupal.org, you are advised to upgrade due to several
important bug fixes.  (The old spam module would frequently
mismark nonspam content as spam due to a bug in the bayesian

  This new version of the module adds many often requested
features, such as the ability to expire spam content,
automatically deleting it after a configurable amount of
time.  It has also been optimized for improved performance.

  If you are using the trackback module, you will need to
apply the included trackback.patch file (4.6 only). 

 * Written in PHP specifically for Drupal.
 * Highly configurable.
 * Automatically detects and unpublishes spam comments and
   other spam content.
 * Automatically learns to detect spam in any language using
   Bayesian logic.
 * Automatically learns and blocks spammer URLs.
 * Automatically blacklists IPs of learned spammers,
   preventing them from posting additional spam and wasting
   database resources.
 * Detects repeated postings of the same identical content.
 * Detects content containing too many links, or the same
   link over and over.
 * Supports the creation of custom filters using powerful
   regular expressions.
 * Can notify the user that his or her content was determined
   to be spam, preventing confusion over why their content
   doesn't show up.
 * Can notify the site administrator in an email when spam is
 * Provides simple administrative interfaces for reviewing
   spam content.
 * Provides comprehensive logging to offer an understanding
   as to how and why content is determined to be or not to be

  The new spam module can be found here:


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