[drupal-devel] Users self-publishing their content

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Wed Aug 17 22:59:14 UTC 2005

Woah, lots there to digest. I need to catch up on workflow and revisions
issues a bit before I could give much of an answer or even say "well of

If I understand this much correctly though, patches are needed to core
to get workflow working again - yes? Or actually to have any other
module have a chance to intercept the node before it's saved, a
post-validate or pre-save event is needed(what my lil'hack does).

So since I'm in a hurry my mini-module and if-statement hack in
node.module is what I need to run with for now.

I'll try to catch up and provide some more useful input asap.

Thanks for the info (and pointers to more).


toddgrimason*todd[ at ]slack.net

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