[drupal-devel] FYI

Nicolas Tostin nicolast at logis.com.mx
Thu Aug 18 14:51:19 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,
This is the second pretty interessant link that Dries send us this week and
we should get a place to discuss about this or at least get the link stored.

Also, retaking the point of David Angier
(http://www.angier.co.uk/david/2005-08-14-drupal-experiences), there might
have a lot of good ideas there to improve Drupal user experience. I'm not a
Drupal talented dev, and I think that these points are known and would be
certainly addressed in the future, but archiving these topics would help for
future UI consideration, or other points, don't you think ?

In the websites I visit, I have a look from times to times at the blog of
Mattew Mecham, lead dev of IPB. Yes there's no GPL inside but I think that
the UI he made are pretty and smart. Have a look at some of the last things
he made, IMHO, there's some good ideas there. http://blog.mattmecham.com



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