[drupal-devel] no ?> needed at the end of modules

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Sun Aug 21 16:51:25 UTC 2005

David, I'd be fine with that stance if the file we were talking about 
were a "developer" file, like file.inc. The patch that chx is going to 
roll will address settings.php only. It is the only file that really 
causes a problem.

Furthermore, if the cause of your missing semicolon weren't programmer's 
error, but rather a mismatch between \n and \r on different OSs, and it 
kept popping up automatically every time a file created in one OS got 
loaded into a different OS, AND the damn thing wasn't necessary or 
mandated by the language to begin with, you might just leave it out. 
Especially if the people having problems are the non-programmers that 
don't even know about line endings and OSs and just want to make a 
website, and will be just as happy to use Wordpress if Drupal can't even 
survive a CPanel/Fantastico install.

David Norman wrote:
> If you run a script and find you forgot to end a line with a semicolon,
> the solution is not to leave semicolons off every line of code, it's to
> go back and fix your error. If you find you put too much whitespace
> after ?>, get rid of it.
> Robert Douglass wrote:
>>So far the only arguments *against* dropping ?> are aesthetics. It
>>doesn't look good to people (because of how hard we've trained
>>ourselves to spot things like unclosed brackets
>>Arguments *for* dropping ?> include a real and tangible
>>user-friendliness issue that probably can't be solved any other way
>>without hurting performance (I'll still wait and see if anybody does
>>benchmarks output buffering).
>>Am I missing anything?

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