[drupal-devel] nodeapi('form admin') - make more flexible

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Mon Aug 22 17:46:58 UTC 2005


Op maandag 22 augustus 2005 16:37, schreef Moshe Weitzman:
> Hey all. I had the idea that we should rework nodeapi('form admin') so
> that it works more like hook_user('form'). specifically, any module can
> use this hook to add html *to any category*. the categories by default
> will be the form groups we have today (Authoring information, Publishing
> options, User comments). the initial use will be to add checkboxes to
> the 'Publishing options' section. Right now, enewsletter module and
> others have to create their own small form groups which looks silly.
> Any thoughts? Maybe some other 'html injecting' hooks need similar
> treatment. I am not really planning to code this soon, so feel free to
> beat me to it.

As I do not see the form builder being finished anytime soon, I think this is 
a very good idea. It adds consistancy to the code,gives more power to 
developers, while it has no real drawbacks (that I can see).

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