[drupal-devel] My approach on photo albums, slide show, etc.

Emiliano emiliano at novayork.com
Wed Aug 24 05:11:36 UTC 2005

Hi Bèr!

I took a look at your code right now. shazamgallery really does many things I 
want/need and I'll be happy to help you with bug fixes and all.

But what gets to me is the 'term' thing. :-)

I still don't know if creating a term for each album is better than creating a 
parent node and its children.

When the new image module was released, I thought of installing taxonomy_otf 
and allowing users to create their own galleries using terms. But then I got 
afraid I would have too many terms -- 300, 500, etc. I'd rather have 500 
nodes than terms. Maybe it's something in my mind only, kind of the way I 
organize my ideas, but I think I like the node idea better. (I know that 
shazamgallery is much more than simply merging image and taxonomy_otf 

Anyway, this is a sincere invitation to discuss what direction to follow. ;-)


On Tuesday 23 August 2005 12:53, Bèr Kessels wrote:
> Did you have a look at shazamgallery? Itr already dos quite a lot you want,
> yet it needs love and attention, in order to grow into a mature,
> wellrunning gallery.
> I would love to welcome some more maintainers for this module, for I am
> often too busy to maintain bugs and issues.
> Ber

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