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kbahey drupal-devel at drupal.org
Fri Aug 26 00:51:12 UTC 2005

Issue status update for 
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 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      cvs
 Component:    other
 Category:     feature requests
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  chx
 Reported by:  chx
 Updated by:   kbahey
 Status:       patch (code needs review)

That *_api.module is a very good idea. I thought that having *.inc would
be better, but *_api.module is way better, since these can be contrib
modules, and can be contained in their own subdirectory without having
to copy stuff in includes directory.



Previous comments:

Thu, 25 Aug 2005 21:33:09 +0000 : chx

I sandboxed invite.module which is an API which mails one time URLs to
users (existing and nonexisting as well). You can invite someone to
register at the site, you can invite someone to join a group an event
etc. etc.


Thu, 25 Aug 2005 23:54:38 +0000 : kbahey

Name clash with the other invite module [1].
[1] http://drupal.org/node/20967


Fri, 26 Aug 2005 00:46:56 +0000 : Boris Mann

chx, call it inviteapi or invite_api -- then the invite.module can be
re-written using the API. I'm hoping you re-used ideas from there, it
looks well done.

(and yes, event should really be event_api, and location should be

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