[drupal-devel] [bug] [pgsql] watchdog referer, location field length

Cvbge drupal-devel at drupal.org
Mon Aug 29 14:29:06 UTC 2005

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 Project:      Drupal
 Version:      cvs
 Component:    watchdog.module
 Category:     bug reports
 Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  Anonymous
 Reported by:  Thomas Ilsche
 Updated by:   Cvbge
-Status:       active
+Status:       patch (code needs review)
 Attachment:   http://drupal.org/files/issues/drupal-head-referer-29814.diff (1.07 KB)

This patch cuts referer to 128 characters before inserting into db, not
About field length - don't know what's right approach.


Previous comments:

Sat, 27 Aug 2005 17:40:30 +0000 : Thomas Ilsche

It is quite easy to exceed the the watchdog referer and location field
length of 128.

The problem especielly with pgsql is that it generates an error, not
just truncate the content like MySQL does.

1. For all databases I would suggest changing the limit to 255 (which
is, at least for MySQL, the real limit).
2. More imporant: Add substrs to watchdog().

I would make a patch for the second but I fear I lack knowledge of
update_***() for the first.

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