[drupal-devel] Move #drupal to #drupal-devel and #drupal-support to #drupal?

Angie Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Wed Aug 31 15:49:18 UTC 2005

John VanDyk wrote:
> +1 on changing the name of #drupal. This will help stop wasting
> developers' time pointing newbies to the topic.
> -1 on making #drupal for nickserv registered users only, if I understand
> Karoly correctly. We want new developers to feel welcome and we want
> #drupal to be accessible. I myself have only been registered with
> nickserv for a few months.

Agreed on both points.

I realize developers shouldn't "have to" move from the channel they're used to
since one would think reading the topic is a very basic netiquette thing. But
most of the channels on freenode that I have seen which are #project-title are
in fact support channels, so I can see why someone in a hurry to get their
problem fixed might assume that #drupal is the same way. "See topic" comes up
literally dozens of times per day and it makes developers incensed and in turn,
makes users frustrated and with a bad taste in their mouths about Drupal both
because they tend to get flamed from time to time, but also because they can see
this room full of people who are actively chatting in #drupal, but who are
unwilling to help them.

The nickserv registration really threw me for a loop this morning. I had
originally registered my IRC nick in a flurry of other SoC-related activities
when the adrenaline was pumping but the brain wasn't retaining too much  ;) , so
I'd long since forgotten what my password was. It was no big deal, because I
could just not identify and it would let me keep my nick, and I figured
eventually it would be dropped and I could reregister it again. But then this
morning I freaked out because it's the last day of SoC and I couldn't speak in
#drupal. Luckily I was able to find a freenode staffer who dropped my nick for
me so I could re-register but please DON'T just do this to people without
warning!  ;)

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