[development] Fwd: Answering the Drupal Community's Questions on Copyright, Licensing, Trademarks, etc.

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Thu Dec 1 21:16:42 UTC 2005

Anyone have licensing type questions they'd like clarity on? Leave a  
comment on Zak Greant's blog -- he's a free software evangelist and  
has worked with a number of open source related companies and  
foundations. He knows a lot about licensing in this area, and is  
going to be giving a number of presentations in the coming year. Zak  
is here in Vancouver, and currently works for eZ Publish and the  
Mozilla Foundation, and will be attending the Open CMS Summit that I  
am helping to organize around DrupalCon at the beginning of February.

I'm sure Chad and Angie, two of the co-organizers of DrupalCon  
Vancouver 2006, will be posting something about this to Drupal.org  
any day now :P


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Zak Greant
> I am getting ready for my upcoming presentations on licensing at  
> the PHP Quebec conference and (hopefully) many other events.
> One way I am doing this is by soliciting input from developers who  
> are interested in the topic.
> Perhaps you could point people from the Drupal community with an  
> interest in this topic over to
>   http://zak.greant.com/2005/12/preparing-for-upcoming-sessions- 
> on.html
> This could help sort out some issues for the Drupal community and  
> will help others as well (myself included :).

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