[development] Drupal 4.5.7/4.6.5 release schedule

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Dec 6 12:23:49 UTC 2005

Op dinsdag 06 december 2005 09:20, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> Hello world,
> as mentioned last week, I'd like to go ahead and release Drupal 4.5.7
> and 4.6.5 to fix the various URL problems introduced by the new XSS
> filter code.  Before I do so, I'd like to know if anyone has been
> using the head of the DRUPAL-4-6 branch in a production environment?
> If so, are there any known problems or is it safe to release?  If
> not, would you be willing to upgrade your Drupal 4.6 sites to the
> head of DRUPAL-4-6 to help test?  I don't have a Drupal 4.6 site
> myself, so I'm looking for help testing.  Please provide some
> feedback.  Thanks.

I will update later tonight. I haven't seen any mayor issues, other than the 
imeeidately found+fixed textarea bug. Not a very large environment, just 
about 15 sites, using a wide range of cases.

Are there any things I should pay attention to in detail?


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