[development] Lineage module --- nested trees

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Fri Dec 9 09:15:10 UTC 2005

On 09 Dec 2005, at 3:22 AM, Earl Miles wrote:
> I've gotten, surprisingly, no comments on this at all. Has anyone  
> looked at this? I need some feedback before I can move forward. I  
> at least need to know I'm on the right track.

My personal opinion is that a generic tree algorithm is less useful  
than the generic relationship API that has been proposed and is
being worked on. There are four 'competing' implementations of this  
API, of which one (ally's hier module) is actually implemented
as a nested tree in the database (iirc). Your implementation could  
almost be considered the 5th, albeit lacking in flexibility.

Trees / Hierarchies are just one type of relationship, and I also  
think that caching / persisting trees is probably going to be more  
for a lot of cases, but it will fall apart with _lots_ of data. I am  
not casting judgement on your code / plans, but I like how Vlado is
approaching the problem, and thus my support goes to him.

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