[development] image node type

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Fri Dec 9 16:43:31 UTC 2005

On 12/9/05 11:30 AM, Earl Miles wrote:
> Sebastian wrote:
>  > Frankly I feel all images should be a node. Even if an image is included
>> in a content node just for spice or illustration, very likely these 
>> images could be thumbnails that link to a larger version. Same story 
>> if I include a true photo in a content node, it will most likely also 
>> be a thumbnail linking to the full image node.
>> So I see no reason to build two frameworks for handling images when 
>> one will do. Why the arbitrary separation? They should all be nodes, 
>> and if we need organizational separation of 
>> "photos-available-in-galleries" vs "spice-and-illustration-images", 
>> that should be handled via taxonomy, and only the desired terms made 
>> available in menus/galleries.
> As an admin, I'm afraid I disagree. For people who write articles on my 
> site, I find simplicity to be the absolutely most important issue. They 
> want to be able to attach an image to a node and be done with it. If 
> they have to set up an image node and then figure out how to link that 
> image node to their article, they're going to have a lot fewer articles 
> with images.

well "set up an image node" doesn't / shouldn't need to involve going to 
node/add/image and creating the image then going back to node/add/story, 

I.e. img_assist (and htmlarea) both allow you to create image nodes when 
you attach. I've heard both that img_assist is sliced bread and that 
it's still too confusing, not right, something...

We've got a lot of differing opinions and certainly more than a few 
target audiences... so (imo) flexibility is gonna have to remain king.

I think the big thing for Ber's idea of just upload an image and have it 
automagically placed... it would require some way to maintain the 
relation that image X is in node Y, which clearly points to all the 
relationship discussions.... because how long does it take before we 
want to name those relations. (i.e. this image i'm uploading to my album 
review node is the cover of the album, and this one is a shot of the band).

In the meantime, I'm still committed to doing whatever necessary to see 
the "state of images" improve in Drupal... but I don't see a real clear 
winner yet here. Anyone else?
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