[development] image node type

Matt Westgate matt at asitis.org
Sat Dec 10 17:32:47 UTC 2005

On Dec 9, 2005, at 5:31 AM, Robert Douglass wrote:

> This raises two issues: a search interface for media assets is hard  
> to build. Image assist is the best working example we have, and  
> with all due respect to its greatness, it is still clunky (haven't  
> tried the newest version though).

I'll be the first to agree on its clunky interface as I'm not a UI guy.


 From writing this module I've learned that:

- It's a pain to add inline files to posts and still provide users  
with the flexibility most are looking for.  I ended up implementing a  
callback system since files could be added through 1) an input format  
aware textarea 2) a plain textarea (mission, footer, signature) or 3)  
a WYSIWYG editor.

- Users like to have their own workspace. They want a way to browse  
their media and insert/link files into their posts while they're  
creating the post. Img_assist does this through wrapping the node/add/ 
image form in the separate media browser window. After the image is  
uploaded it's visible in the browsing panel for them to select.

- Users want to be able to resize images.  For images, img_assist  
lets you choose the derivative to insert.

Oh, and img_assist is currently out of order and awaiting a forms api  

One more thing, I have no official training in human computer  
interaction so this email might be an evil egotistical ploy by its  
author to claim brilliance in a field he should pay more attention to.


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