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Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 14:33:42 UTC 2005

>> And because this is consistent trouhout your site, you need CCK or
Flexinode plus a specially developed theme for presentation.  But not a
'story' filled with the same HTML everywhere.

Hm... I wrote the answer below and then thought about it.  It all comes down
to the question: where does layout get handled?  If the answer is in
themeing, then I agree with Ber.

My thought was to move some of the design customization out of themes.
(Which may or may not be heresy, depending on your point of view. I think
there is a large group of users who would like to move some theme elements
out of theme files and into admin.)

So below is what I just wrote:

Yes and no:

That's why I proposed admins setting defaults and allowing access control
for certain user types to set tokens (or other interface elements) to
override those settings on certain posts. (I'm thinking of the path/pathauto
relationship here or the teaser settings for posts.)

What I thought of this morning, and would mockup it it were deemed valuable,
is a system where the admin could define a variable set of media insertion
layouts (think content filters).  Drupal would ship with two or three
standard (like Filtered HTML vs. PHP code).  The current implementation of
upload.module (placing a link of the file title in a table at the bottom of
the post) would be the default.  Each defined media type could have one or
more layout options available (at the admin's discretion).

Users would have the options available to them as set by the admin when
posting media to their nodes.  Admins could extend the media formats through
the admin screen; we'd share media layouts like PHP snippets or theme files
(? maybe ?).

Anyway, that's just where my head was at.  I think it would allow for a
great deal of flexibility -- admins would have control through a UI,
advanced/privileged users could still do custom posting.

But I suppose I need to go read up on CCK (which means _nothing_ to me at
this point) before I go any further.

Ken Rickard
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