Please. Hold on for a second. (was Re: [development] proposal fortheming nodes)

Chris Johnson chris at
Thu Dec 15 20:01:33 UTC 2005

Adrian Rossouw wrote:

> One of the other not known things about the forms api .. (although ..  i 
> am going
> to refer to it by it's real name .. the view api) is that it also  maps 
> cleanly onto
> xml.
> It's a tree with properties and children.

> Also, you should note that every block in a page can now be accessed  
> separately
> using the right xmlrpc call (if it's enabled of course), and you can  
> refresh certain
> blocks automatically, on a timer .. or assign it to an event (which  
> could be a link
> added into that block, or whenever the document changes.)
> It should also make it easier to expose this interface to flash or  xul, 
> since it
> can use xmlrpc on the back end and redraw the exact forms with the exact
> validation you'd have on the normal drupal sites. You could even attach
> ajax events to certain blocks, or just make them completely flash  
> (think lazlo)

Adrian,  you're a genius!

If we can do all this without killing ourselves with complexity, or kill our 
performance, Drupal will completely own the content management and web 
application space.


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