[development] Req for (paid) support

Boerland, Bert bert.boerland at getronics.com
Fri Dec 23 09:12:34 UTC 2005


-crossposting to support and consultants since this is a paid support request-

After upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6 my images dont appaear well or at all. See http://willy.boerland.com/myblog/image and view source. Some imagepath have an extra /s/ in it, sometime there is an tailing _0 in the filename, both shouldnt be there. Since I like my images (hence: my family) a lot, I would like to see this solved and I dont have the skills it takes to fix this. so I am requesting your help, if you would like to make me happy while gaining some money, browny points and fame please respons to me off list.

I think for someone understanding drupals image module well, solving this would take one or two hours. I can provide "admin" drupal rights as well as root access and temporary passwords for database, host and site.

I offer 75 euro's if you solve this (fixes price). Preferbaly I know you in person, or from IRC/ml, but at least the community ought to know you (lower ID's prefered ;-). I can give you more infromation about my image.module problem when you contact me.

Happy hollidays to all of you and best whishes foor 2006

Bert Boerland

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