[development] Re: [infrastructure] Drupal.org should have better URL aliases

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Dec 28 08:23:30 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 28 december 2005 08:24, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> It looks  
> like an interesting path to explore.

In fact, this is the only thing I am sure of. On Irc i had a live 
conversation, in which I managed to cover up some of the gaps in my idea. Its 
nothing moer then a 'direction to explore' yet. Its by no means a fully 
worked out proof of concept. 

And unfortunately i will not (be able to) develop anything real. I have got 
too many parts and things in drupal that I am already neglecting. Besides my 
contributions, that is betterupload and relations mostly. for me they are a 
tad more important then this. 

I put this idea forward, because while working on RoR the concept and 
simplicity (of use) of the routing struck me. I actually wanted to bring this 
up in one of my various druby on rails posts :) 

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