[development] Counterintuitive but true: Caching makes ahigh-traffic site slower

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Thu Dec 29 21:50:55 UTC 2005

It just hasn't been added yet.  Holidays, poeple time.... was that what people thought would work?  I think the conversation sort of drifted out and got sidelined with Drupal 4.7 stuff.  Now that you have reminded folks of it we'll see what Dries decides next week.  Someone created a request for database issues forum too I think.  
Change on Drupal.org is evolutionary over time.  Discuss refine, repeat, refine, drift, remind, refine... stuff suddenly happens :)


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PS:  Still no bigsite/performance forum.  Have we decided
that Drupal doesn't *need* to scale?  I missed that meeting.

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