[drupal-devel] problems with some projects

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Thu Feb 3 20:19:31 UTC 2005

Negyesi Karoly wrote:
> Hi,
> http://drupal.org/project/i18n
> The file http://drupal.org/files/projects/i18n-4.5.0.tar.gz exists, still 
> the module does not show up amog the 4.5 releases.

I tracked this down to a problem with the delete functionality of 
releases: project maintainers could delete releases, however, once 
deleted, a release is gone forever.  I think some people might have 
deleted one or more of their projects' releases not knowing the 
implications.  (This is new for me too and looks like unwanted behavior)

I have yet to figure out the fix but I'll study the project.module's 
release.inc some more to see how the project_releases.status field is 
dealt with.

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