[drupal-devel] Howto enable webdav in your drupal directory

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Fri Feb 4 13:35:30 UTC 2005

On 2/4/05 6:50 AM, Vladimir Zlatanov wrote:
>>If I read all this stuff right, you will now be able to modify Drupal's
>>files through webDAV. While this is probably interesting I think that
>>modifying and uploading files to Drupal through webDAV would be more
>>interesting. Eg image module would have an webDAV enabled upload
>>directory and retrieve uloaded files from there.
> Indeed, but probably it would be better to implement a 
> webdav(ish) hook, webdav is a kind of file/version control oriented RPC.
> Drupal does have the nessesary igradients to be able to implement it - 
> XML parser, php knows about post, put, whatever http requests,
> we have the example of the BlogApi, Webdav is not too different.

well, almost. XML-PPC (which blogapi uses) happens entirely via POST, 
and nothing special as far as PHP configuration. webdav, on the other 
hand, defines some extensions to standard HTTP, thus you need the 
"allow_webdav_methods" which only showed up in 4.3.2. for more info see:


That said, webdav would be a cool extension - bulk image/file uploads, 
iCal publishing, etc etc  would all be possible over webdav.

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