[drupal-devel] Comments count and tracking still broken

Abalieno abalieno at cesspit.net
Fri Feb 4 20:04:01 UTC 2005

I enabled the anonymous users to post comments without approval and, indeed, 
the couunt of comments works properly that way, both on the homepage and on 
the tracker.

So the problem is about the moderation, the comment count doesn't get 
updated after a comment is approved and published without running the 
database upgrade.

Could this be fixed for 4.6.0 ?

-HRose / Abalieno

>> Just FYI. The last acknowledgment I know is here: 
>> http://drupal.org/node/15500
>> It's marked as fixed but on my site is not. The current broken state is 
>> on drupal 4.5.2 and applying the patch posted by Zed Pobre.
>> The comments count still doesn't get updated properly and I have to 
>> re-run the update to the database each time to get the comments count 
>> right.
>> This happens on my site and with anonymous comments. Comments must be 
>> approved by me before they appear, but even when they are published 
>> their count isn't updated on the homepage and on the tracker module. I 
>> do not use caching options.
> I didn't test the original node_comment_statistics clean-up patch with 
> moderation enabled, so I suppose it's possible that is causing the 
> problem.  Can you try disabling moderation to see if things start working 
> correctly?
> -- 
> Tim Altman 

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