[drupal-devel] Speed of Drupal, memory usage, and all that stuff

Matt Schwartz veridicus at msversus.org
Sun Feb 6 17:15:05 UTC 2005

Instead of having each module add a .functions file how about quickly
string parsing .module files for function names?  Upon encountering a
new .module drupal grabs all function names (not compiled by PHP but by
reading it in as a text file) and caches them in the database.  This way
drupal will have its list of module functions cached, no PHP compile is
necessary until functions are required, and module developers won't have
to change or add anything.

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> On calling admin/modules we should not include the modules, but
> include a small .functions file. This file should (for each module)
> tell us which functions are defined in which file. By this approach
> it would be possible to split each file up in a number of small files
> and still let Drupal know where the functions are defined. The array
> of functionname->file associations will be stored and if a function
> is called through a wrapper such as module_invoke Drupal would be
> able to include the neccessary file and execute the function. This
> would of course require that module authors call all external
> functions through module_invoke.

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