[drupal-devel] Themes causing database corruption?

NSK nsk3 at wikinerds.org
Sun Feb 6 22:18:03 UTC 2005

I am using Drupal 4.5.2 with the default Bluemarine theme. The database is 
MySQL 3.23. The site is this: http://portal.wikinerds.org

I tried many of the themes that can be found at drupal.org, including 
Sunflower, Goofy, Kubrick, Interlaced and many more. After I tested many 
themes I decided to return to my default Bluemarine theme.

When I loaded the Bluemarine again, everything was messed up:
 - The sidebar was on the left instead of on the right.
 - My site logo and name was not showing up
 - My site footer was hidden
 - My primary links and secondary links weren't showing up
 - The article titles were not clickable as before
 - When I checked some articles, I was seeing some random characters instead 
of the article text.

It is not a caching issue on my browser because I tested it with many 
different computers.

What I did then was to download the original Drupal 4.5.2 again and set-up the 
site from the beginning using the same database. So, I replaced all code, 
without of course copying the non-default themes. I had again a default 
Drupal installation using the same database. The display was still incorrect, 
which makes me to believe that somehow the database got corrupt.

Note: I use the Feedback and Excerpt modules.

One of the themes I tried was Goofy, and another user has posted this bug 
report: http://drupal.org/node/15400

However I don't know whether it was Goofy which caused the problem, because I 
tested many other themes too.

I have a database backup from Feb-1, but it doesn't contain the newest content 
such as the GNU/Hurd article.

I also tried the other default themes of Drupal and they don't work, either.

Any help is appreciated. I would never imagine that testing some themes would 
cause these terrible problems! I can login to my site and change settings, 
but the display is all messed up. It isn't what my site readers would want to 


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