[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 17:40:16 UTC 2005

Please don't use the  word "roles" on a tab. The semantics of UI
functions are very important and use of the word "role" or "roles" is
not in keeping with the actual function. "roles" or "roles" is the word
used when speaking of an individual not a group. The function is one
that is that of setting and configuring "groups" or multiple users in a
category. The semantics of the three words user, role and group must be
used in thier proper grammatical sense or you will cause confusion in
not only the english statements but any subsequent translations.

user - refers to the individual

role - is a reference word only to be used in place of the word "group"
when "group" does not satisfy the grammer used within the sentence or
referring statement. This is NOT a global usage word.

group - is the global reference word.

examples to satisfy the difference. you cannot say

"What roles does the user have and how to set thier permissions" without
   giving the implying singularity. I says that you are talking of a
single instance of user when in fact thier may be many. Proper usage
would be " What groups does the user belong to and how to set their

This is important as I have been looking over the documentation and have
found many case where the documentation is wrong or confusing because of
the semantics used in the UI functions.

This also can effect the way security is impleted and talked about.

"permissions by role" and "group permissions" is entirely correct. But
"role permissions" is wrong in most cases and "permissions by group" is
just never used at all.

Carl McDade

Andre Molnar wrote:
> Dries Buytaert wrote:
>  > I like the idea but it's hard to evaluate without being able to see 
> it
>  > in action.
> I'll implement it on my demo site and post when its ready - I'll roll a 
> patch if it looks good to you.
> andre

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