[drupal-devel] Working around node_access in node/add

Mark mark at nullcraft.org
Sat Feb 12 21:30:32 UTC 2005

Ok, so redirecting back to my original issue, I'm considering 2 solutions:

1. From my hook_menu(), iterate over all existing node/add/$type paths 
and replace the access parameter with one of my module's choosing.  The 
global $_menu variable doesn't appear to be populated yet at the time 
hook_menu is called.  It sets its menu items after the 
module_invoke_all('menu',TRUE) gets executed.  This, therefore, will not 
work :(

2. Add another pass to the nodeapi hook for "access" that lets modules 
restrict access to specific nodes on a situational basis.  This could be 
called from node_access().  I think this would address my needs.

Thoughts on another nodeapi operation?


Mark wrote:

> Hello drupal-devel,
> Lately, I've been working on the Node Relativity module, and I've come 
> up against some issues that I'm having trouble overcoming.  The main 
> thing this module does is allow parent/child relationships to exist 
> between nodes.  One of the features of this module is the ability to 
> require that a given type of node not exist unless it is a child of an 
> appropriate parent node.  This works all well and good from within the 
> module (except for the occasional bug), but when a user goes to the 
> "create content" page (node/add), they see listed before them every 
> type of node that they have permission to create.  I want to limit 
> this view and the menu associated with it.
> This brings me to my question: How do I override what is displayed on 
> the node/add page or override the node_access permissions in general 
> for node types not defined by my module?  I know that node.module 
> checks node_list() and calls node_access('create',$node) on each of 
> the node types to see if the current user has rights to create it.  I 
> suspect that there's some way that I haven't seen yet that the node is 
> mapped back to the module that defines it.  I would like to restrict 
> this view even further such that users can create these nodes, but 
> only under the appropriate circumstances.
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark Howell
> (javanaut)

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