[drupal-devel] Working around node_access in node/add

Mark mark at nullcraft.org
Mon Feb 14 05:34:45 UTC 2005

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

>>Thats's basically what I'm trying to do.  I use a path of
>>node/add/$type/parent/$parent_nid, and only want to require certain
>Can't you use an entirely new path?
>create/$type/$parent for example.
>Then disable or hide node/add through menu.module.
>I agree that it is hackish but less hackish than what you proposed.
My main goal is to keep the nodes from showing up in the node/add list 
and from being created .  To additionally keep them out of the menu 
would just be a bonus for me.  I could just put in the README.txt for my 
module that admins should remove these node types from the menu, but it 
still wouldn't keep clever folks from hand-entering an inappropriate 
node type and creating inconsistent node structures.  I was attempting 
to override the various node/add/$type paths to set the security on them 
explicitly.  This is not working, however.

I wish there were a way around this other than patching core modules, 
but I have yet to see a way around it other than modifying 
node_access('create',$type) to look elsewhere before invoking 


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