[drupal-devel] Suggestion for dates on Drupal web site

Scott Courtney scott at 4th.com
Tue Feb 15 14:20:03 UTC 2005

Good morning!

I would like to suggest/request a small change in settings on the Drupal web

Currently, dates in most sections are displaying as the European DD/MM/YYYY
format. I would like to suggest that, since this site has a worldwide
readership, the dates be formatted in ISO-standard YYYY-MM-DD (or YYYY/MM/DD)

As a citizen of the U.S., I realize that a lot of U.S. sites are really bad
about using the U.S.-specific date format (MM/DD/YYYY), and I also feel that
this is a bad practice. My sites always use ISO format, because I'm trying to
be a good world citizen, and when I teach web design here in the U.S., I make
a point of stressing this to my students. :-)

This is a small matter, I realize, and I hope I haven't offended anyone by
raising the issue, but I think it would be worth considering so that Drupal
users all around the world have equal convenience in reading the dates.

Kind regards,


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