[drupal-devel] New image module

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Wed Feb 16 01:16:41 UTC 2005

It's not really floating around, per se. I am finishing up some work on 
a "works with HEAD" version - however, it is also a modified approach.

The big change is : using the files table to manage image "derivatives" 
(i.e. generated sizes - including thumbnails, and alternate 
resolutions). This allows me to generate admin-defined sizes a bit more 
reliably and keep track of them more easily.

I am also, after discussing with several people, re-introducing some 
elementary gallery functionality. I have mixed feelings about this - 
but it seems to make more sense to have this included than not - and it 
is not intended to conflict with some of the exciting alternate 
initiatives (such as moshe's album.module).

The final piece (and one that I will solicit some testing help) is the 
migration path from the old module to the new.

Anyway, the code is just about ready... and it will make much more 
sense in the wild, than on my workstation.

Stay tuned :)

On 15-Feb-05, at 7:01 AM, Chris Cook wrote:

> Is there an updated image module floating around that leverages the
> new image.inc contributed by walkah? The image module in walkah's
> sandbox still uses the local image includes and would take some
> manipulation to get working with the new file and Drupal cvs.
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