[drupal-devel] Internationalization, Usability and changes in the coding conventions

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 20:45:11 UTC 2005

This is something that should be addressed for the next release. I don't
have all modules installed. But a search through the ones I have turned
up 31 calls to message_access. Even node has one.

Or does it have to be done on a module by maintainer level?

Regardless I am cleaning out the baggage from my code.

Carl McDade

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
>> Second guessing but,
>> Can someone tell me why this is like this:
>> print theme("page", message_access(), t("Access denied"));
>> rather than this?
>> print theme("page", t('Please login or register to see this 
> material'),
>> t("Access denied"));
>> Why is there a call to a Function like this anyway? Is is a mistake 
> in
>> the filestore2 module or is this something that has to be used? I
>> noticed this after killes posted. Is this legacy code and should be 
> removed?
> The role of this was not to repeat the same t() at multiple places. But 
> see the patch submitted by Killes. It is a good step forward. You 
> proposed to change message_access() to
> function message_access($message = 'You are not authorized to access
> this page.') {
>    return t($message);
> }
> Which would be easy to reduce to a single t() call instead of passing a 
> string into message_access, and that single t() call would actually 
> enable the automatic translation template generation, unlike this 
> solution you proposed.
> Goba

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